Integrating Talents from Abroad Has Never Been Easier

Receive & provide professional guidance, expertise and support in every phase of your employee’s integration.



Give your employee access to the ReloPilot app to start their relocation process. In addition, you can release a budget for the employee to book personalized services on the marketplace as a benefit.

Get Started

Your employee recieves a 30 min. call from ReloPilot to get an introduction to the app. After the call, your employee downloads the app with a personalized checklist, „My Journey“, covering all relevant steps for their individual situation as well as first relevant self-service information.


Choose a Service

Based on the information in the ReloPilot „My Journey“, your employee can decide to complete certain steps themselves or get personal support from one of the domain experts in ReloPilots marketplace.


After your employee orders a service, the chosen experts get in touch with them. Your employee utilizes his budget and can book additional services themselves after the budget has been spent. ReloPilot coordinates and administrates the booked external providers.


Give Feedback

Once finished, your employee marks a service as completed and rates the providers. The HR department gets an update and a summary of completed services / „My Journey“ steps and spent budget.

Create Your Own Company Relocation App

ReloPilot’s features & content can be fully customized to your hiring / expat policies & your companies needs.


Get a Use Case

Reach out to us to get an example use case from one of our clients.


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