About Us

We believe that a smart combination of personalized services & digital workflows is the future of relocation & talent mobility.

Meet Our
Founder Team

Our founder team has 30+ years of expertise in the relocation business, intercultural integration, human resources and global mobility management. With ReloPilot, Nadine & Petra have digitized their own personal & professional experience to the benefit of clients and users.

Petra Botekova, MA
Nadine Wilden, MBA MSc

Who We Are

Living and working abroad has always been a central part of our lives. Moving to a new country to start a new job, is not only starting a new career though, it’s starting a new life. We’ve experienced firsthand the bureaucratic hurdles, the language barrier and the struggle to integrate in a new city and team. 

Why ReloPilot

By dedicating our 30+ years careers to helping others tackle these challenges, we’ve realized that traditional solutions are not efficiently adressing current relocation trends & needs.  Looking for modern, flexible & efficient alternatives we ended-up developing ReloPilot.

Our Freelance
Expert Team

Together with our experienced local freelance experts team, we have worked & lived in 25+ different countries across the world.


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Address List

  • Metodova 204/7, SK-82108, Bratislava
  • petra@relopilot.io