talent from abroad.

ReloPilot is the easiest way to support the relocation process of your international hires & mobile employees. 

Self-Service Workflow

ReloPilot app provides your employee with an easy access to all relocation information, from getting a visa, looking for an apartment to cultural integration etc.


Our pre-selected pool of local service providers and an offer algorithm enables each employee to shape the relocation process according to their own individual needs.

How it Works



Easily invite new employees and give them a budget/allowance they can utilize for personalized benefits supporting their relocation journey.



ReloPilot provides your employee a direct access to unique marketplace with a wide range of relevant products & services provided by diverse qualified local experts to choose from.


Get Support

ReloPilot dynamicly manages employees customized relocation needs & choices ensuring price-transparency, compliance & high quality standards.

Our Clients & Partners

Your Benefits

Cost Savings up to 50%

compared to traditional relocation solutions

Reduced HR Admin

by outsourcing the complete end-to-end relocation process

Full Transparency

of costs, services, local providers etc.

Greater Employer Attractiveness

by reducing barriers to international moves

Easy Integration & Onboarding

for new international hires and/or expatriates

High Service Quality

through preselected service providers


We’re happy to tailor our app to your specific needs. Some of our clients decide to do certain parts themselves or outsorce to a different partner. Just decide on a certain service and a budget you want to provide and our app takes care of the rest. 

Our team with 20+ years of industry experience interviews and selects all providers on the plattform. By working with local freelancers only, we not only save costs but also provide a sustainable relocation solution. 

We’re happy to provide our app for you to test for free. The only cost acccounts for the services ordered and conducted by our local experts. 

We’re happy to consult you on how to innovate your policy in a way that allows for the use of our app or what parts of it can be used immediately. For expat support, our app is best used for allowances e.g. for spouse support. 

The app provides full price transparency. All prices are market prices since they’re defined by the local experts themselves. The marketplace therefore allows for healthy competition. We charge a small commision fee on a top of each transaction and a yearly user fee. Contact us and we will provide you with a price range. 


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