Relocate International Employees Easier

ReloPilot combines software guidance and personal service to optimally support HR departments in onboarding, relocating and integrating international employees.


Why Choose Us

30+ Years Of Experience

Our solution helps to save your company up to €50.000 per employee by avoiding common relocation mistakes.

Best Perfomance

Achieve 30%+ more cost-efficiency through 4 different support levels, from self-service to premium.

Multi Usable

Relocation support can be easily combined based on target groups, available budget and employee needs.

Our Clients & Partners


Simple, Flexible & Personal

24/7 Guidance

Your employees are guided throughout the whole relocation & integration process, from visa, home search, cultural integration and more.

Software Workflows

Our personalized checklist, „My Journey”, and relevant self-service information puts the employees into the driver seat of their new job and life abroad.

Personal Support

In addition employees can get personal help by one of the local domain experts in ReloPilots marketplace based on their individual needs.


Address List

  • Metodova 204/7, SK-82108, Bratislava